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i am new to this forum.
I just hv a simple question. I just want to know when to use 'does' and when to use 'did' ?
If i am right does goes with present tense and did goes with past tense.


I didn't knew it.
I dosen't know it.

Am i right ?
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I do not (don't) know it
I did not (didn't) know it
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When the particle did or do precedes the verb, it goes in its infinitive form:

- I didn't know that. (past tense)
- I don't know that. (present tense)
- She doesn't know that. (present tense)
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Sorry, Mr. David. Could u please enlighten !
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Hi uday, welcome to the forums - this may help too: Do and Does , has and have
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1 comment Yes absolutely right.Both Do/Does comes in Present Tense and Did in Past Tense.But the Example quoted is not as per the grammar.

Do comes I,You, We and They.
Does comes with He,She and it.
Did in past tense.

Coming to the business:
Ex1: I didn't Knew it.
In the above example yout intention was to say,you do not know anything.'Knew' means you already know about it.Which is contradicting in the above Ex1.
So it should be
Correction: I didn't know it.

Ex2:I dosen't know it.
As I mentioned above,for I,do should come.
So it should be
Correction: I don't know it.
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uday your example is incorrect.

only when the oration is affirmative puts the verb to him in past, and your wrote the passed verb in a negative oration.


interrogative form: DID you go to europe?

afirmative form: I WENT to europe

negative form: I didint GO to europe
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Just want to ask about this...'sorry for what i did wrong' or 'sorry for what i do wrong'.Which one is correct ?

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If you did it in the past, then use "did."

It's harder to think of a situation in which you'd say "Sorry for what I do wrong."

Remember that "I" is a capital letter.
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