We park our car in the back yard or on the back yard?

I'm confused with when to use could and can. Can anybody explain this to me? Some have told me that could is for past tense, but I have seen people use it in the present time.

Thank you very much for your help.
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I'm confused too about when to use "in" or "on". Could anyone explain it here?

Park IN the backyard.

Can is a statement of fact. He can do it. He is physically able.

Could has a condition associated with it. He could do it IF he tried.

Look through the forums on can/could and I'm sure you'll find other discussions.
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Can i open the window?
Could i open the window?
The sentence with 'could' is more tentative than the one with 'can'.

So, its: "bookmark this article in del.ici.us" or "bookmark this article on del.ici.us"?
With websites we usually say 'at' the website. 'See this post at www.EnglishForward.com.'
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On or In ?

Please could someone tell me which is correct:

Road improvements to be carried out on Springpark Drive.

Road improvements to be carried out in Springpark Drive.


Americans would say "on."

The British use on and in different when it comes to roads, so let's let one of them tell us their version.
in the same course or on the same course? which 1 is correct
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