I have problems with these words on creating questions.Example, " Does your hand pain ? " or " Is your hand pain ? ".Another great example is " Is our/your glass broken ? " or " Does our/your glass broken ? " I cannot understand which want to use.Can someone show me some tips/guides/techniques or sentence constructions techniqueson these words example like ( Is/Are + verb/noun + object/subject ) on how to use these words ?Thanks for your consideration.I am so sad that my English is weak Emotion: crying.So guys, I hope you can try your very best to explain these out.
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So,"Is she allowed to enter the room?" is in passive form.-- Yes

But I thought anything passive form should have 'by' as the subject.-- No.

For an example,"Is a house built by Peter","The students are thought by the lecturer"?Why my fist sentence has not followed by by?-- 'By' + agent is certainly not required. In fact, the main reason for using passive voice at all is to obscure or eliminate the agent.

Another thing,"Is our car stolen?"Is this sentence stolen representing adjective or in passive form?--Adjectival, though many of these structures are up for argument.

If not,how am I supposed to change the sentence so that it's in passive form?-- My car was stolen by [thugs].
Thank you Mister Micawber.I always feel doubtful.Why " Is your car stolen by someone?" is not accepted?I mean the stolen can be past participle also right for passive form?Example,"Is the car washed by the boy?"(the washed is the past participle of passive form).Why the stolen cannot act as past participle of verb in passive form which I created above?.Why the stolen is adjectival as you mentioned?Is there any faulty in English?.And is it " Is your car stolen by someone?" =" Is your car stolen" I am not sure you get/got what I mean/meant or not.I hope you get my point Mister Micawber.Please correct me if there are any grammar mistakes so that I can improve better.And can passive form take past tense form?Example,"Was the car washed by the boy yesterday"?Please reply Mister Micawber.I'm waiting for your reply.By the way, your explanations was great on this topic and other topics.Thanks
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