"In order to develop the migration plan, we utilized the Application Scoring sheet to rank applications." is it 'the migration plan' or 'a migration plan' ? when do i use 'the' and when 'a' or 'an'?
In order to develop the migration plan, we utilized the Application Scoring sheet to rank applications.

Is completely correct (Don't capitalise App Score, 'utilized' is an American spelling), however we might need the sentences either side of that to see the context correctly.

If you haven’t referred to the application scoring sheet yet, you would have to say:

In order to develop the migration plan, we utilised an application scoring sheet to rank applications.


An application scoring sheet was introduced to develop the migration plan.

An application scoring sheet helped develop the migration plan.
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Top advice, couldn't be better explained!
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Whether the following sentence is correct?.

To play video with Windows Media Player 10 on both the computer screen and an
external monitor, enable Mirror Mode before playing the movie.

My specific question is related to the following:

"...on both the PDA screen and an external monitor..."

Please let me know whether it's correct.

It's correct. I'm not sure exactly what bothers you about it! Emotion: smile
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This one, I found a bit tricky:

I have a (?) certain potenial, which I would like to transform into something real - into reality.


With the help of knowledge you can make this potenial of yours a (?) reality.

Any help on these two is much appreciated. Thanks! Emotion: big smile

If you master two concepts-- definiteness and countability, almost 95% of your doubts regarding the usage of articles will be cleared. Then you won't be coming up with specific sentences since you know the rules. So try to master these two concepts.
Thanks for the reply, but I still don't know whether to use 'a reality' in this case or not. I know reality isn't countable and 'the' obviously doesn't apply, but do I leave the 'a', or do I omit it? I've tried looking it up, but can't find anything.

A yes or no answer would be much appreciated, thanks. Emotion: smile
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