when u go to bed ....waiting to sleep....about what do u think ?????
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Oh all sorts of things. sometimes I think about something I did that day. Quite often I think about what I have to do tomorrow and work (ugh). I try to settle down with a nice 'daydream' just fantasising about something pleasant - a trip somewhere or thinking about something I'd like to do. (even winning the lottery).
I try not to think about the day's events or about some plans I have for tomorrow because I can't fall asleep then. I usually imagine something very pleasant but unreal.
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When I go to bed I can't think any thing because as soon as I go to bed I fall asleep .I try to mutter a prayer according to my mother's instruction but my eyelids get heavy due to tirednessEmotion: stick out tongue.
I often think of sentences in english because all day long I read and write english sentences!
I think about the things I have to do the next day and about my future........
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i often make a schedule for the next day though i have never been able to run on it.Emotion: big smile
I always think very pleasant things......and I'm sorry when sleep arrives...Emotion: wink
I think very pleasant things,too.Then I think about what I have to do the day after..finally I hope to do not nightmares,and I fall asleep.. Emotion: big smile
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