How strong the wind is blowing now
Its touching on your skin
If you succeed to close your eyes
You will find yourself in a world of dreams
And what... do u enjoy the sounds
They clang and clank throughout the time
U smile, how sweet the world of dreams is!
Just keep on closed your tearful eyes

That there was some hope
Keep up...
It is how u should behave
I know it is hard to open eyes
But time has come...
U've been too long trapped in a self-wilful pleasant cave
Thank u, Beta

It is a bit of how I felt, that is it
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To live, is a dream

each day, a part

a piece, a component

of a unsolved puzzle.

A mystery, not of life

but of ones' self.

What is it to be irrational?

Such a question, I wonder what she seeks

a validation?

I wish, if only,

if only she could see

in validation one will find nothing but an opnion

an opinion ready to cling and sting,

an opinion trigerring an extinct instinct

that one desire, i remember was always present..

the one that kept me wishing for more,

the one that kept me staring at the stars

pondering what kind of mutated lives live

pondering the dark side of the moon

ponderind the future, oh how that validation lead me

to who I am today.


I find deep feelings of emptiness in your writing.

You see, we need that validation, however bitter it is.

Life is a puzzle, u r right.But finding coherent parts is what we need to make sense.

Finally, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.