The company name is Apple Corporation,Co.
How do I write it in short when I sending letters and e-mails?

eg1) We asked Apple Corp. to send a sample as soon as possible.
eg2) We asked Apple Corp, to send a sample as soon as possible.
eg3] We asked Apple Corp,. to send a sample as soon as possible.
eg4) We asked Apple Corp to send a sample as soon as possible.

I think every example above is okay. Am I right?
Thank you in advance for your answer in advance.
Hi, Son James. It is I, your friend, Cynthia. I do hope you are well.

I am not familiar with the habits of the country where you currently live, however here in the USA we would not use any of these. Apple is a big company like Google, Facebook, Time-Warner and IBM. I could name many, many others. Because these companies are so well-known, we never use the corporate designation behind them, but if I were going to, I would use the following:

We asked the Apple Corporation to send us samples as soon as possible. I would not shorten it in a sentence. It is a very informal way to express it and Apple most certainly does not. Also notice the article before Apple, because of the use of its designation.


We asked Apple to send us samples as soon as possible.
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I should have put out another company's name than Apple. Such as "Jin Han Corporation", "C-way Corporation Co" or something. Sometimes I saw sentences including the company's name like C-way Corp., in my workbook. But when I send business e-mails, I never expressed like that. I have just typed something like "C-way" or "C-way Corporation". I've gotten curious whether I'm right or not on writing companies' names. Thank you so much for your kind answer,my friend, Ms Cynthia. I've got your pointEmotion: embarrassed.
You are so welcome, Son James.
Son James,
We should write the company's name as it is globally known, i.e. IBM, HP, AMD, and etc..For Apple, just simply "Apple"
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