I recently watched an old movie. A black guy in the prison wasn't able to get some money their team would need. A white guy of his teammate said "Looks like the bank of Africa wasn't allowing any withdrawals".

It laughed me to death, it's so funny. At the same, I think that it could enhance my way of expressing an idea. Is there any site where I can see more of such funny conversation?


Sense of humor is cultural. It doesn't seem like it should be, but it is. I'm an American. The remark you quote seems pretty lame to me, and not at all funny, but I can believe it is hilarious where you come from without understanding why. The upshot is that I don't know what you will find funny. But if you want Afro-American American humor, you could do worse than Eddie Murphy. Dave Chappelle is talented, and Chris Rock often hits the funny bone.

Emotion: tongue tied I didn't get the joke, I guess, so the only recommendation I can give is to find out who produced and directed that movie, and who the stars in it were, and then find other movies with the same people and hope you will find those amusing as well.


How strange. I didn't see any other answers here when I opened up the thread. CJ