When someone asks "where are you from?" does he/she ask about the country I come from or does he/she ask where I live (in which part of the country)?

For example if I asked someone "Where are you from ?" I would expect him/her to tell me "I'm from the US" instead of "I'm from California"

If I wanted to know whether you live in NYC or California I would ask : Whereabouts do you live?

So, by asking "where are you from?" we ask both about the country you are from and the exact place you live in that country?
Which it means will be controlled by the situation. I would expect the answer from a native of a country to be the region/twon, but from a non-native I would expect their country of origin. But at any time the answer could merely be the town in which a person is currently living.
Thanks Feebs11