Hi people!

Is there any difference between these two questions?

1. Where are you from?

2. Where are you from originally?

I can see no difference between them, but 3 of my students were agreed that the questions were not the same and that they asked for different information. Furthermore, they said they'd give a different answer to each question. For instance, when asked "Where are you from?", they would answer "I'm from La Plata (= a city in Buenos Aires), whereas when asked "Where are you from originally?", they would answer "I'm from Buenos Aires". I can't get this slight difference, can you?

Another doubt: Is the use of "were agreed" correct in my above sentence? I think it should be, since the meaning here is: "they had the same opinion", but I don't remember having used this expression before.

Thanks a lot!

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Where are you originally from