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My brother, the local bus driver, was telling me that recently he was driving a bus full of people and no-one got off on the way. However, at the end of the journey, there was not a single person left on the bus. How?

Chew on it...

- Joy [Y]
For the record... I'm also wondering where the rest of the RidSoC went...Emotion: crying

- Joy [W]
Since everyone is married_?[:^)]
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Yesss... DjB, perfectly right. There isn't a "single person" left on the bus!

Props to you! [Y]
Emotion: big smile You know,I wasn't sure at all .. lol..

Hey, all the RidSoC's member are quite busy online... Emotion: big smile

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You did get it right which is what matters ! Emotion: big smile

- Joy [Y]

Jac - no one was around a mere half-hour ago. I hate the time differences Emotion: sad
Quite... Emotion: sad