It is World War II, in the winter of 1943-44; U.S. Army Brigadier General George Carnaby, one of the chief planners of D-Day, is captured by the Germans when his aircraft is shot down en-route to Crete. He is taken to the Schloß Adler (The Castle of the Eagles - hence the story's title), a fortress high in the Alps that is the headquarters of the German Secret Service in southern Bavaria. A special team of mainly British commandos is hurriedly assembled and briefed by Colonel Wyatt Turner and Admiral Rolland of MI6, and led by Major John Smith and US Army Ranger Lieutenant Morris Schaffer. Their mission is to parachute into enemy territory, infiltrate the Schloß Adler, and rescue General Carnaby before the Germans can interrogate him. Agent Mary Elison, an MI6 operative, accompanies the mission in secret. [Wikipedia]

Where Eagles Dare is a title of Clint Eastwood's movie. Obviously the fortress which the British team including Eastwood aim to reach is located at very high altitude. So, the title "Where Eagles Dare" means a place where only eagles dare/venture to reach because it can only reached by a high flying and strongly built bird. Am I right? Please let me know.
One of my favorites. You have it right.
I don't know about the habits of various species of birds in this respect.
We like to think of the eagle symbolically in this way, but I don't really know how much truth there is to it. Basically, the eagle is a big-time predator, and doesn't take any nonsense from anybody.
There may be plenty of other birds who range to those particular heights.
I always took the title to imply that the average human wouldn't have the stuff for it.

Of course the eagle was a Nazi symbol. I believe it was a national symbol before the ##### came to power, and they turned it's head the other way.

I don't know whether or not the fortress was built and named before the ##### took it over.

Sorry, the PC police delete "Nazi" in the plural, but they leave the singular alone. Go figure.
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Avangi, thanks a lot. It's my favorite too.
Although we usually think of eagles as nesting on high cliffs, that's not always the case.

Thanks, Avangi. We both learned something new about the eagles.
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