In our life, sometime our confidence is down, we feel lost, no power, even strong body become weak when we get a desperation.

How can you recover your confidence and to become powerful again? Who or what is your inspiration? Let's share, because in our life everybody need inspirations. Your expirience is a master for somebody.

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Hi Candle,
I had in mind to write an article on regaining my inspiration back when I am low and your mail almost preempted me to write one now. Do let me know your thoughts on this.

Message for myself to regain my inspiration back


A person in ignorance shall fell low, a person in passion shall sometimes feel highly inspired and sometimes dejected and a person in goodness would always feel beaming with energy and inspiration. Thus situating yourself in mode of goodness and consciously avoiding excessive passionate and ignorant activities shall enable and ensure that a person remains energetic and inspired.

If you are currently in neutral state and are looking for inspiration in your activities :
- Make an aim for yourself : With a thoughtful consideration on what is that you would like to achieve in your life, make an aim for yourself, prepare a plan, consider possible obstacles and how to overcome them and start right away. As you successfully overturn the milestones in your plan, you find yourself beaming with confidence and luster.

- Help Others : By helping others in whatever measure you find capable of, you add a meaning to your existence. By helping your friend with his assignments, giving a helping hand to your mother in kitchen or father in the yard, or closer still, by helping your peers at EnglishForward you derive an inexplicable energy which you can carry forward in rest of your routine and monotonous activities.

- Love and Forgive Others : To err is human and to forgive is divine. Just as relieved we feel when we are forgiven for our gross and subtle mistakes, we would feel high in spirit if we learn to forgive others, from the bottom of our heart. This would prevent the fire of anger from taking toll of your mind and insure you against a possible fall in loop of disgust and depression.

If you are currently in low state and are looking for inspiration in your activities :
- Don’t abuse the body : Long back as a kid, once while speaking before the audience at my school I forgot the next argument in my speech. I stood dumb and petrified looking at the audience, who broke out in hysterical laughter. Luckily I remembered the rest of the speech and saved myself from complete embarrassment. After the speech and back at home I felt an extreme rage of depression, completely broken at heart and feeling worthless and ashamed. In such a state of depression, it is very difficult, almost impossible for the people around you to relate with your unhappiness.

I broke a few of my toys, some adults would take to extreme drinking or sexual activities, and some would take to excessive eating. In all cases the instinctive reaction is to abuse your body. The reason this seems to work is because by doing that you get your mind off the depressing thought. This may help for a moment but you end up loosing over the long run.

Abusing yourself would only aggrave the problem and never solve it.

- Sympathize with others’ sufferings
We may find our suffering unbearable, but when we consider the sufferings of others we would understand that we are quite well off indeed. There are children in African countries who die due to lack of food and water, there are so many war torn countries where people have been incapacitated for rest of their lives. Does our suffering stand a chance of being counted when compared with the strife of rest of people around us?

- Remember story of king and the spider
King Robert the Bruce, of Scotland, won back his courage and hope and consequently his kingdom as well, by watching a spider preserve in spinning its web. The story might be old but the lesson is evergreen. Perseverance with diligence is the key to success with which one can overcome years of failure.

Prevention is better than Cure
Better than any cure for weakness and desperation, is preventing yourself from reaching that state.

- Identify the patterns :
If you know that when you speak without previous deliberation you end up embarrassing yourself, if you know that when you watch a 3 hr movie you tend to sleep neglecting your studies, if you know that when you sleep late on Friday night your plans for the weekend start falling apart since you wake up late, almost at midday on Saturday and the list is long, would you do it again? Everyone has patterns which almost ensure that you would loose confidence and be diffident. The first step in preventing your inspiration from fading away is to diligently avoid those patterns.

- Keep your surroundings clean:
Cleanliness is next to godliness. When you have your surrounding clean, your house and room clean, you feel yourself being caught in a bubble of energy with no room for any weakness.

- Regulation is the Key
Most of the stresses in daily life can simply be avoided if one plans for them in advance. If you need to meet your wife at the station and you need to finish your office work and you need to prepare a light meal before that, can you afford to spend your time shopping today? A simple calculation might show you how much time you can spare on different activities. Classifying the activities in order of their preference, planning for them and executing them according to plan is called regulation. There is always a scope of some unexpected things turning up at the last minute, throwing your plan in a spin and tumbling it to the ground. But if you plan to reach the stars you might end up reaching the moon if you are unlucky. In no case will you fall with your face flat on the ground!

- Expectations and Lust :
Bill may be a billionaire, but would you rather loose your good night’s sleep to be a billionaire too? Life swings between lust and hope. When you are loosing you need hope and when you too hopeful you turn out to be lusty, keeping no reigns on your desires. In a single life you cannot put all the feathers in your cap. You need to prioritize and give your best to what you plan and live for. It is always better to evaluate yourself not with the outcome of your effort but by the quality of effort and always avoid the trap of green and lust.

- Feeling the presence of God
Even the most successful people, those who are famous and great have to undergo the miseries of being sick and finally death. In the florescence of youth one may forget the gloom of old age, but slowly and surely it shall come and one has to be answerable for one’s deeds. If you loose your soul and be successful, enjoying all the heavenly pleasures you aspire for, would it be worth it? One's soul is one’s most precious gift. Your efforts to never trade it for anything would always assure you the presence of God and if God is so near to you all the time, would you be low in confidence? Probably not!
Dear Mohan,

I am glad to see your mail. You give me to read like a lecture, and my English very slow. I read it roughly, it's interesting. I printed it out to read clearly then I would say something. I am quite shocked how you can write very long. Let I read first. I see you say about God in my religion there is no God, I think I may write longer than yours.
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Dear Mohan,

All ideas are great surely. Do you have more? I am joking. I feel great that I got a chance to read it even at last I became sleepy. Some part gives inspiration to me. Some is new knowledge. I will keep it for reminding me when I am ignorant or too much passion and become dejected. Everybody should remind oneself to stay in mode of goodness as much as one can. Somebody say, only alive fish swim against the flow of river and died fish can not. To be in mode of goodness is not easy, it needs power to force oneself sometime. How to get power is to follow some of your idea above. It's a circle like this;

for example:

help some poor people or animal => get power of mind => be in mode of goodness => become energetic and get instpiration . When inspiration become less => help poor people or animal => get power of mind => be in mode of goodness => become energetic and get instpiration . When inspiration become less => help poor people or aninmal

Hope I pass this subject, am I a very good student? Which grade would you give me? I'm not joking, I want you to see how much I get from all ideas you give me to read. I know it's not easy to write and to have a chance to read.

Another idea, to do exercise is a fast medthod to get mind strong. Do you think so?
Hi Candle,
Thanks for taking time to read the article and providing your feedback and summary. If it helps you to know, I would say that you are very strong in getting to the central theme of the passage as your summary reflects. Keep it up and good luck with all your efforts at being a very good student. I too would like to be the same!

I could add the following paragraph under prevention is better than cure heading

- Keeping good health :
Rarely do we find a sick person beaming with energy and enthusiastically carrying out the chores of life. Sickness inevitably dampens your enthusiasm. Thus one should try by all means to keep the body fit and healthy. The three factors that contribute to sickness are – anxiety, overeating and uncleanliness. Taking precaution in eating and sleeping habits, keeping the body and mind clean, maintaining a pleasant environment around yourself and by regular exercise one would keep a good health and avoid falling prey to dejection and ignorance.

If you have more suggestions I will be very glad to read.

Hello Mohan,

Your "Keeping good health" is very great, coming in time. It's direct to my worry now, I'm finding a way to have a good health, what is the good medthod of life.

Caring less of exercise even I want to do it regularly. Being tired from work then no energy to do exercise. My body is telling some problem now. How to be healthy if we have to care work because when we work we have to concentrate to work till it's completed even late at night to sleeping time. All the time I try to tell myself to save health first, health is the most important in life. When we become sick the money we earn is for paying to doctor, what the meaning of working. Even I know but can't spend time for exercise. At last I try to change my life to be a farmer but it seems very far and have to wait until next life to get the chance to change life.

I believe in your suggestion of keeping good health that anyhow anyway anything we should try by all means to keep the body fit and healthy. There is nothing more important than this because when sickness come, everything is no meaning.

One thing more, how can you clean your mind? Let we exchange because we are from a different culture and living. I will tell my medthod later.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. Hope know from you soon. And I hope that my English is not making anybody suffering to read and understand. I'm trying to improve.
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Be savvy, to get savvy response.
Be honest, to get honest help.

Accumulation principle works.
Hi Jobb, I will remember your way always, it's very great.

Sometime I feel my mind less power. I see it full with garbage. I start praying as per my culture teaching, pray to goodness, master, god anything we have. This way is to clean mind, after mind clean we become powerful and bright thinking and sleeping good. Before I don't know why we have to pray, parents teach all children to do, but nowadays modern parents don't know how to pray. I by incident reading book from other country they say about the power of praying then I've realized this.

There is other way to clean mind. I know mohan's mind is very clean but he doesn't tell his secret to friends.
Hi Candle,
I was not getting inspiration to figure out what to write and what to leave. Now that you put your mind so clean, I would probably summarize by giving an analogy from my readings : The entire existence of a human being is made of few components which can be compared to a chariot. The soul ( the person, the self or any other term you may use ) is the passenger in the chariot. The chariot is driven by the horses which are the senses. Human body has 5 working senses ( hands, legs, anus, genitals, and fifth I think stomach ) and 5 knowledge-acquiring senses ( nose, ears, eyes, tongue and sense of touch ).

The chariot driver is the intelligence of a person. The reins of the chariot is the mind ( our subject of discussion. ). Reins of the chariot can be controlled either by the chariot driver or if the horses are very strong they will pull it. In any case the reins of the chariot are not powerful by themselves,they always obey instructions.

When intelligence is strong, which means when you can clearly see and distinguish right from wrong, then the intelligence controls the mind ( the reins ) and the chariot goes into right direction ( that is even though your sense of taste is pulling you to go and eat junk food, when you are ill, you wont do that, because the chariot is in the control of intelligence.). In this situation the mind ( the reins ) is said to be clean.

Sometimes the horses become very strong. The reins slip from the hands of chariot driver ( intelligence ) and the horses take the chariot wherever they want. A lot of undesirable activities and even crime happens because of this. When this happens the mind ( reins ) is said to be polluted.

So for proper running of chariot, the intelligence has to be strong. Intelligence can only be strong by cultivation - in childhood by parents and in adulthood by good readings, company of good friends and good deliberation. But nothing would help, without prayerful attitude towards the supreme.

Thanks very much for reading!
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