Hey guys,

Can you please help me with the meaning of this question..."where is the fire"? I come across to this question in the new episode of CSI and to be frank, I had absolutely no idea, what was the point of this question...:-((

So, context:

Man collided with a woman in the door. That woman were listening to the music from her walkman and she was obviously not in the mood. Man then said...Hey, where is the fire?..

I am sure that it had nothing to do with the blaze.....I had been looking at the urbandictionary.com and I found out there that word FIRE can be used in the situations, when someone is about to be funny.

So, can be this question interpreted as Hey, what happened with the funny girl? or Hey, what is wrong with you?

Thank you in advance for help
Where is the fire? means Why are you in such a hurry?

Mister MicawberWhere is the fire? means Why are you in such a hurry?

Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! Mr.M

God bless to this phorum..;-)

thx again.