I would like to know where u think is the best place to live?? Your dreamland or island, whatever it is...
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I don't think I could live all my life on a small paradisiac island...it's exotic but just for vacation.

The best place to live..hmm I don't know, I haven't seen enough of the world to tell, but to me the people you are with are more important than the place you're in, that's the people you're with that make your life.

what about you? where is your paradise?
Paradise? Only in my mind. If the paradise came true, it won't be paradise any longer.
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Just watch the film The Beach and you'll know!


Paradise...many people connect this word with one beautiful island without troubls and problems... i have another opinion about paradise place.. It can be your room, bathroom, the school, bus station... it all depends only from us. from our moods, people whor near us. Now for example i would be happy even in a cold Alaskla happy if one special person would be near me.. but he is not.. so to have paradise in a soul is the best way
I remember when i watched the movie THE BEACH, that's paradise. I believe the stting is in thailand.

I really wanna go there... and see it for myself Emotion: big smile
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As a Chinese saying goes 'just as there is paradise in heaven, ther are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth', Hangzhou, in which I'm living, is really a beautiful city. I reckon that the ancient Chinese who created the saying hadn't taken the places out of China's territory into consideration. But it at least shows that Hangzhou has been famous for its beauty since long before.

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province, PRC. Even though it is a famous resort for Chinese tourists, many foreigners have not heard of it before. Its fame is comparatively much less than that of Beijing or Shanghai. Paradise is a place of ideal beauty or loveliness. Hangzhou actually holds many beautiful man-made beautiful scenes around the natural West Lake, but it lacks ideal loveliness for its overladen roads and extremely expensive housing price which are similar to Shanghai and Beijing.

My ideal paradise is simply a cozy home, where I can enjoy a peaceful and pleasant life with my family, without worrying about making money, paying bills and dealing with trifles. It is a place for pure relaxation and enjoyment, no matter where it locates, no matter how long I can stay. It exists in dreams.
U described in your latter a real paradise... great
And by the way where did u learn so good English? I want to write in this language like you do !!
U described in your letter a real paradise... great
And by the way where did u learn so good English? I want to write in this language like you do !!
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