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Well, I was curious after reading this thread, and did a bit of research. The use of "so much" preceeded by a negative word ("not" included) is much older than previously said!

Below is my little contribution (from Oxford English Dictionary):

a1425 Cursor M. 16960 (Trin.), He [th]at neuer synne dud, ne so muche as hit [th]ou[ygh]t.
1576 FLEMING Panopl. Epist. 197 Not so muche as putting pen to paper.
c1643 LD. HERBERT Autobiog. (1824) 124 Without giving me so much as the least warning.
1697 W. DAMPIER Voy. I. 144 There was not so much as a Meal of Victuals left for them.
1713 STEELE Englishman No. 40, I do not remember to have seen any small Birds, nor so much as a Crow or Magpye.
1782 F. BURNEY Cecilia VIII. viii, I should not expect any lady would so much as look at him.
1854 MRS. OLIPHANT Magdalen Hepburn II. 51 The priest's benedicite was not accompanied by so much as a glance.
1887 BIRRELL Obiter Dicta Ser. II. 151 [He] never so much as attained to a seat in the Cabinet.