where vs. were?

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Im sorry, this is quite embarrassing but i seem to have endless trouble differentiating where from were. I understand that where relates to a place or time and were is the past tense of was/is but i still have real difficulty in my essays knowing which one to use in each situation. Is there some kind of website where (?) i can test myself in the hopes of improving this area?

Thank you for your time.

This is a very common mistake for people, even natives, writing in English. I did a quick Google search, and it seems there are several sites offering practice questions and general help with the issue.

I suggest you try googling 'were where', 'were where problems', 'were where exercises' and so on. I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for.

Good luck. Emotion: smile
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Can you give us a few examples of your problems?
To me, "where" and "were" are comletely different animals and shouldn't be mixed together.
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In a nutshell:
where = question word regarding location; the vowel is pronounced as it let; even though it is spelled wh..., the initial sound is actually that of hw.

were = the past tense of the plural forms of to be. The vowel is pronounced as schwa (a relaxed the)

Where were you last night should have two distinct pronunciations.
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I googled were vs where and got this page.. thanks Sausages.
I am tutoring a high scbool student who is struggling with the same problem though she seems to complete the test challenges correctly. I suggested she do a "search" in Word for every instance of these two words each time she writes a paper to check her usage before she turns it in.

She also finds reading out loud to be helpful, especially if she is doing so when she is conscious of the fact that she is checking herself specifically for the usage of these two words. She does sometimes read "were" as "where", so vigilance is required!
Where has the word "here" in it. Just think location.
Excellent analogy

Good one. I'll never forget that. Thanks!
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