Hi all,

English is my second language.
I use 'whether' very frequently, even sometime without knowing the exact rules for that.
Please help me to understand rules related to whether.

Thanks you all.
Hi SH-- welcome to English forums.

'Whether' is usually seen as a conjunction indicating alternatives:

'I don't know whether I've seen that movie (or not).'
'He asked me whether I'd seen that movie (or not).'

Why don't you show us how you use it?
Basically whether is two ways

(1) As Mr Mic already explained, "whether" can be used as a conjunction in reported question along with "if".

I'd like to see you, but I am not sure whether(=if) I'll have time.
I asked the hotel desk whether(=if) they had received any letters for me.
Let me know whether(=if) you can come to our party or not.
We discussed whether UN should approve the US invasion to Iraq. ("if" is impossible)

(2) "Whether" is used also as a conjunction leading a concessive clause.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, a healthy baby is a gift from God.
Whether he is rich or poor, I will make him a good wife.

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Thanks for reply Mr. Micawber,

I use it in the same way.

' I am not sure whether I would be able to see you tomorrow or not.'

Just want to explore more about this
is there any other way to use it.

One more thing that came in my mind is the use of 'However' is it same?

'however the cost of crude oil is still increasing rapidly'

many thanks
The important thing to remember about 'however' is that there are two of them:

(1) The conjunction: 'However hard I try, I will never be able to learn Urdu'

(2) The adverb: 'I want you to know, however, that I will never give up.

The adverb requires commas (or at least one comma); the conjunction does not. Your example needs a comma.
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