1. 45% of ........... click on Internet dating sites are married, ........... recent survey.
a) the ones that - accordingly to
b)those who - according to
c)those which - according the
d) these of which - according a

To my mind - b is correct

2 .........,files on your hard drive ........... fragmented, .............. error messages or crashesh.
a) over time - may become - producing
b)With time - could become - to produce
c)After time - can be - in producing
d) In times - might be becoming - producing

To my mind - c is correct answer.

3.Many students ........... only a credential, not ..........., and cheating has become a widespread practice.

a) search for - educating
b)seek - education
c)seek - an education
d)search - the education

May be the correct answer is b

4. The EU Commission has ......... its intention to continue ........... butter.

a)signed - purchasing the
b)signalled - to purchase
c)been signalling - into purchasing
d)been signing - purchasing

According to me the correct answer is a

5. ............. the last eight weeks of the ewe's pregnancy,unborn lambs ............. 85% of their final birth weight.

a)in - put up
b)over - put to
c) throughout - put
d)during - put on
To my mind the correct answer is a
1 2
1-- Right, but I think an 'a' is missing
2-- no
3-- no, and I think an extra comma has appeared. You must be careful when transcribing, Max-- it affects the answers.
4-- no
5-- no

Poor score this time, Max-- you must be tired.
thank you very much but could you make an exercise and explain your choices and why the others are wrong ?
the second - a)
the third - c if not b because I wonder between these two
the fourth - d if not a because here I wonder again
the fifth - d Intuition

But I would be glad to explain it why it is wrong or why it is true because it's a very complex exercise.
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#2-- a is right
#3-- c is right. b is not right, because here 'education' should be countable.
#4-- Nope. 'Continue' can take either infinitive or -ing form, but 'butter' cannot take an article here, and intentions are signaled, not signed.
#5-- good intuition. The key is 'put on' = gain. All of the prepositions are OK in the first blank.
thank you very much! you really help me. But I have some more questions in 2 is a) Over time, files on your hard driver may become fragmented, producing error messages or crashesh. Why not - After time, files on your hard driver can be fragmented, in producing error messages or crashes. Because if I translated it into Bulgarian the second seems more appropriate. Where is the problem in the second ?

And for 4) c - intuition but I cannot understand why b is wrong. ?
#4-- b is right; c is wrong: 'continue into' is not a proper collocation here.

#2-- 'can be fragmented, in producing' -- this means 'can be fragmented in the process of producing', but that is not true. The error messages are a result of the fragmentation.
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From that I concluded that here we use the rule for past simple and past continuous - proudcing and fragmented - When we use progressive form the action in progressive started before the action in simple and continuous after the action in simple stopped ?
That's true, but whether it is universally so, I am unsure, Max. Nor do I think that it applies here:

'Over time, files on your hard drive may become fragmented, producing error messages or crashes.'

These are not two finite verbs, like "While I was washing the dishes, the phone rang'. 'Producing' is a nonfinite header of the adverbial clause of result.
Could you explain to me what do you mean with finite and nonfinite verbs ? Because I can't clearly see the difference!
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