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I have seen 4 or 5 Barcelona matches this season and I don't recall any team playing as unpredictable and imaginative football as they do. It's delightful to watch. I know they didn't play so well a year ago. Ronaldinho's departure and a new coach seem to have worked wonders and greatly improved relations within the team.
What do you think was wrong with Ronaldinho in Barca ? I have an impression that at some moment in his career he just had lost an interest to football. Though sometimes in Milan FC he makes little wonders.
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kvsWhat do you think was wrong with Ronaldinho in Barca ?
Barcelona wasn't at the top of La Liga a year ago. It is now.

i think that the best football league in the world is the brazilian league, and the best team is Santos, the team of Pelé, Robinho, Diego, Giovanni, Elano, Alex and many other top players.
I am not a big fan of ENglish football.

HOwever, in America the best football player is Tom BRady
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