I like the English Football, so this is my favourite:)
In this forum i wanna know : What do you think which is the best footbal team around the world??
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I think that is USMonastir is the best team in Tunisia and in the african continent also Essifi is the best striker of all times.
Hmm. Maybe you are right. But I am not so interested in African football. But I assert that Fenerbahce is the best one in Turkey. Although they have some seriosus problems in this season, they are still good. For example; last night, they beat Besiktas,which is one of Fenerbahce's eternal rivals
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I think the best football team is Juventus. I am a fans of this italian team.
yeah i like english football also. i think liverpool will be the champions league in this year. do you think so ?
I think so:)
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I think Manchester United is the best football team,but I like Chelsea more.
Chelsea is my fav , but i won't tell chelsea is strongest team in world .
..i like this topic.i'm a fan of real madrid.i must choos it when i play football manager game,i really love white of real madrid.a special colour for me.i love it so much.
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