Benjamin Brothers' annual warehouse sale is being________for an additional two days to accommodate the large number of customers.

A. tended to B. spread out C. held over D. turned up

I learned that "hold over" also means "carry over" or "postpone" and that "spread out" also means "unfold" or "extend over".

Which one I should choose, B (spread out) or C (held over)?

Thank you in advance!
Hello Guest

Of your 4 choices, A, B, and D are incorrect.

C, 'held over', would usually mean 'postponed'.

But perhaps in other varieties of English it's used to mean 'extended'.

(I would say 'extended', myself; which must be choice E.)

When used with time, it's "spread out over [a certain period of time], not "spread out for".

"held over" is extremely common in American English to denote continuance of a theatre production or other similar event.

So many people wanted to see the movie that the theatre decided to hold it over for another week.

Theatre marquee: [title] -- HELD OVER for another 10 days!!!