This is a sentence written about TV.

Which is correct? were or was.

"A hundreds years ago people would not have believed their ears or eyes if someone had said that by turning the dial of a machine they could hear a concert or see a ballet (which [were,was]) given hundreds of miles away."

I think "was" is appropriate.

Because antecedent is "ballet". I think.

I thought, If antecedents are concert and ballet, we should use "were".

Howere, in this sentence it is used "or" not "and", so we should use singular form of verb.

The answer of my training book is "which were".

I can't understand.

Please help me.
Opinions are often divided about matters like this in English and there is no correct answer accepted by all. Like you, I would go for was.

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my mission has finished which were two month

"a concert or a ballet" as these are singular "it" was
If you said "a concert AND a ballet" this would be plural and "they" were - would instead be correct.

I would take out both words. "...a concert or ballet given hundreds of miles away" is tighter writing. I would also change "given" to "performed" but neither of these are the question. I would use "were" because both the concert and the ballet are being referred to as hundreds of miles away. The "or" only distinguishes that either could be listened to for the reaction to take place. To change it to "was" would imply that only the ballet was given hundreds of miles away.

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