In a Japanese Junior High School textbook it is written:
"A kendama is a toy"
and then there is a question:
"Do you play kendama everyday?"

Many people ask why it is not "Do you play a kendama everyday?"

Please explain why the textbook is correct.

Also which one is correct: Can you play the piano? Can you play a piano? Can you play piano?
The following are all correct:

For a toy:

a doll, a top, a kendama, a yo-yo

A doll is a toy. A top is a toy. A kendama is a toy. A yo-yo is a toy.

She played with a doll. He played with the top. You played with a kendama.

For a game:

checkers, chess, kendama, tennis

Do you play checkers? Do you play chess? Do you play kendama? Do you play tennis?

For an instrument:

piano, guitar, flute, violin

Can you play the piano? Can you play the flute? Can you play the violin?

So if kendama refers to the object as a piece of equipment, it is "a kendama"; if kendama is considered a game, it is "kendama".

This is not different from other cases, such as baseball: If baseball refers to the object that is thrown, it is "a baseball"; if baseball is considered a game, it is "baseball".

I threw a baseball. I played baseball.

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Thorough coverage, Jim. Well done.

A 'kendama' is a wooden toy looking something like a small mallet, in one of whose three shallow cups you try to catch its tethered ball. 'He often played with his kendama.'
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Guest"Do you play kendama everyday?"

Note also the more egregious error: it is 'every day' (two words).

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A kendama is a toy, right?!
Which means you play with it; it's a personal item!
So, a reasonable statement would be , "I play with my kendama every day."
Now, if it's a group game and there are rules ; winners or losers, or points included, then it will be ,"we're playing 'kendama.
The textbook isn't correct! I know the textbook you're referencing your info from, and next to the picture of a kendama it has a picture of a yo-yo which is pretty strange considering the sentences would be different as well as the question as to what are you doing with either toy.

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