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Hi maj!

For those of you who don't know where Catalonia is I'll tell it's in the north east coast of spain but some of us consider it an independent country although in fact it isn't. have I answered your question? I hope so.
Hi Jennyji,
sorry but it´s somewhere a problem with sending mails to you, I don´t understand why???:-((( Don´t you have a e-mail address on hotmail or yahooo or something else?? I´m very busy in my work last days, therefore I send you this message, just now. I hope you have pass your exams in the schoolEmotion: smile)
Look forward to your mailEmotion: smile
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I'm from Turkey - IstanbulEmotion: smile
from China
First Lauguage:Mandarin Chinese
Second Lauguage:American English
I'm from Mar del Plata, Argentina.
As most (but not all) Argentineans, I do speak Spanish and it is my native tongue.
I learned English during my high school and improved it a lot in recent years because of my studies for the university. However my English pronunciation sucks, I recognize I sound like an stupid latino. But hey, learn MY language and criticize me after that.
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I'm from Melbourne, Aust.
First language: English
Second language: Vietnamese
Emotion: big smile
From : People's Republic of China

livein: kuangtong province of China

Languages: Chinese ,English

From: Indonesia

Live in: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Languages: Indonesian mostly, English a bit
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my name is mkkm

iam from saudi arabia

my launguge is arabic

i try to learn english here.
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