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There is a correction I think,

Narendra Margatta iva prapede,
Vivrna bhavam, sa sa bhumi palalah:

(email address deleted)

I'm from Vietnam.
Our native language is Vietnamese.
We tend to use American English.
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Belgian, living in France
I guess I use a mix of BE and USE
I'm in San Francisco bay area and I speak both English plus VietnameseEmotion: wink
I am from Azerbaijan
now i live in Spain
I know russian, spanish, english, a little bit of french
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Hi, I`m from La Rioja SPAIN.
I can speak a little english and my native language Spanish. Emotion: big smile Emotion: big smile
Hi, Angie here
From: canada (i have a chinese background)
Live in: Canada
Speak: English (very fluent), French(pretty fluent), manderin (not very fluent), cantonese(some)
I really want to move into Australia, but i'm too scared of being cast out or feeling alienated!
Emotion: sad
From: Philippines
Live in: Japan
Languages: Tagalog (my mother tongue),Japanese(fluent:p)and English (American english)
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Hello, people!
I'm from Ukraine and live here. My native language is ukranian, I know russian and now I'm studying english, it's my main task.
Good bye!
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