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Hi International Association!

Name: Vassliy
From: Russia
Live: in Saint-Petersburg
Languages: Russian (sometimes like Pushkin), German ( not Goethe, much more modestly), finally English beloved! ( often like Boby Smith - 3 years old and it's great indeed because he's moving forward!!! Emotion: smile )
Hello Amandine,

I'm sure I can help you with your spanish. I'm from Madrid, and my spanish is perfectly (more or less). Furthermore, I am studying in the university in Madrid, and if you want we can speak english and Español.

my e-mail: Email Removed
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i will email you as soon as I can
hasta luego!!
hi everone

from: kuwait
live in : kuwait city
language: arabic (native)-English ( excellent)
in kuwait we use arabic accent ( first language ) in everyplace , but we use english with toursits and in a commerical matters , otherwise we have english, french, indian ,pakstain ,british schools in kuwait , & of course arabic.

thanx for all
Hi all!

I am from Malta!
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Username: KYsheeplover06[bah]
Country: USA (Kentucky)
Language: AmE
Hi, everybody,
My given name: sunil
My family name: bhasin
Location: New Delhi, India
Profession: Editing magazines (English)
Can speak, read and write: English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi and Urdu.
38 years
yahoo chat: sunilbhasin_tm (available on weekdays 9.30 am to 6.00 pm, IST)
From: Louisiana, USA
Living in: Louisiana, USA
Languages: Southern AmE, some Spanish, some French, Japanese, some Arabic, and Romanian. I can actually speak with a BrE accent very well.
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Country: Iran

Live in: Dubai, UAE

Languages: Persian of course, English (acceptable), a bit German and Spanish and Arabic

Accent: Mixed, though I'm trying to neutralize my Persian accent first!
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