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Hi, I'm Nyarlathotep!

I'm English; I've lived in England since I was born, and I have Polish ancestors. I speak good English, bad Spanish, and

am learning Japanese.

My accent is a standard north England (Sheffield) accent (lazy and often completely incoherent); my spoken grammar is a disgrace but I like to make myself understood. I am the king of rephrasing, backtracking and digression. I am often frustrated by the limitations of language and usually make up for it by repeating myself several times.


From : Cameroon
Live in : Dhaka-Bangladesh
Languages: French (first language), English (just trying), Haussa-Bassa (Mother Tongues)
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Hi all,

I'm Hungarian but live in London, hoping to get my English better.

I used to live in Scotland before and now, after 3 years in the UK, sometimes I feel my English is really good, sometimes just horrible... anyway, loads to learn yet...[<:o)][D]Emotion: big smile
Hi! I didn't know anything about this hread!! It's really nice!

I'm Susanna from ITALY and I live in Naples, in the very south of my nation.

Italian is my first language, English, French, Spanish. I also tried to learn German and I really could write and talked in that beautiful language, an' I did the same with Chinese but I've never found someone who could help me with conversation so I had to give up.

Quote user Josep's

I am from Catalonia, so I speak català , also spanish well, and a bit english, due I was in the past very interested in learning english,

In which part of Catalonia do you live? I am going to study in Barcelona for three months. I can't speak Spanish at all (only a few basic words), but I would love to learn it!

I'm from the Netherlands, live in the Netherlands and speak Dutch. (And English, a bit German, and a tiny bit of French.)
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ElenaHi josep's, I am from Madrid.

Congratulations to Barcelona for being a non-bullfighting city !! I hope the example is spread along the whole Spain and we all follow Canary Islands, where bullfighting is banned and and Barcelona as non-bullfigthing city Emotion: big smile
And amen to that! ;-)
Hi, Prrrauline! I love your signature!
Hi! My real name is Trang but I have an English name, Tammy. It's easier for you to call me Tammy. Emotion: big smile

I come from Vietnam, I'm living in Hanoi. My first language is Vietnamese and I study British English.

Nice to meet and make friend with all of you! Emotion: wink
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From: China
Live in: Ireland
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