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From: Turkey
From: Turkey
Live in: Ankara/Turkey
Languages: Native - Turkish,English, a bit French
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Name: Attila
From: Hungary
Live in: Budapest
Languages: Hungarian (mother tongue), English, a bit of German, trying to pick up Spanish.

Accent: I endeavour to use BrE.


From: Philippines

Languages: Tagalog, English (AmE)

From: Makati, Philippines

Language: Tagalog, AmE ( I'm working for an outsourcing company from U.S)

We talked to Americans 9 hours a day. Good enough as a practice! Emotion: big smile
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Hi Labli. Which call center are you working for? I used to work for ClientLogic in Ortigas, MCI account. Emotion: smile

French living in Pondicherry,India moving to U.S soon.

I speak English, French, German and Tamil a bit. I speak English in American accent. I dont imitate them, it just comes out that way. I like British accent but I wouldnt be able to speak like them.
The sweet desert

I'm from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia( I love our Desert)

I speak Arabic and English( I'm trying to learn some French)

I speak using the British accent because this is the way I was taught since I was four years old.
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this is my first post

From: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Lives in: KSA-Dhahran (Eastern Province)

Speaks: Arabic (of course) and English

Have a good day ppl Emotion: smile
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