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I am from Spain

I speak a bit English

My accent : I don't know
From: Indonesia
Live in: Jakarta, Indonesia
Languages: Indonesian (Native), ChaoZhou (Native), English and Mandarin (rusty).
Accent: Mixed, I think.
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From: Uzbekistan
Live in: South Korea
Languages: Uzbek- native, Russian- second native, Korean (fluent), Uighur and English
Accent: AmE
Hitchhiker- thanks for the stats.

From: South Korea
Live in: New York, United States
Languages: Korean- native, English- fluent, Spanish- studying as foreign lang. (6 yrs)
Accent: American English

Linuxlover- Are you Korean or part Korean? If so, I am curious about the Korean families in Uzbekistan, Ukraine, etc. I was not aware of the number of Korean people in these countries until I visited Korea last summer and met someone who was Korean but whose family had lived in Uzbekistan for three generations. This is why I was just wondering if you were Korean.

I´m from Germany, living in Berlin, Germany.
I speak AmE, because my family is of American origin (my grandfather was a G.I. in WW2).
But I was born in Germany, so I speak German, too.
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From: Brazil
Live in: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese and English. I can understand Spanish and French, speak a little of both, but write NOTHING...
Accent: AmE
From: Austin, Texas, US
Living in: Austin, Texas, US
Languages: English, Japanese, some Spanish

Pleased to meet ya.
From: Germany
Living in: Germany
Languages: German (native), English (not perfect though), little chunks of Dutch and French.
My accent of course is German, I've learnt mainly British English at school (that's what they said it should be), but do also know people from Scotland, Ireland, the US, Australia, Canada and other countries so my English is maybe a kind of a mixture of everything - but the accent is certainly mainly German ***

I have to say though, that I have the fewest problems in understanding people from the Western USA (California, Nevada, Montana...), British English (esp. Scottish accent and also English accent) is more complicated for me to understand while Australian English is somewhere in between.
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iam from afghanistan
but know iam in canada.
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