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why are u saying that maybe people doesn't know Bulgaria? To me, it would be very strange NOT to know it! Is this 'cause I'm European? what do u think about this?
Well it's just that my father quite often commutes to Ireland and UK and the better part of his workmates don't know where Bulgaria is. Admittedly, most of them tend to have a vague memory that they've heard it somewhere...
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BarleyAs I was reading posts about different opinions regarding British and American accents, I wanted to know where all the members of this forum live and which English they speak.

Please state your username, country, and language (whether BrE, AmE, or your native language, etc).

Thank you.
India and Tamil.
oskar boroschnin (real name Christian)
from Austria
city: VIENNA

best regards
Fuxin,Liaoning Province,China
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Bulgaria is famoust for ROSE , isn't it ?
Are you sure ???
In Vietnam ,they say that Bulgaria is most famous for beautiful rose .
Why don't we discuss about each country's most famous thing ?
Actually , I'm not sure what Vietnam is famous for . Maybe the war .... Hixhix , forget it . But I'm sure the capital of Vietnam ( Hanoi - where I live ) is famous for Sword Lake , The huc bridge and Turtle Tower .
What is England most famous for ? I think it's the BigBen . I think i'm concentrating too much on the famous buildings .
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