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I am a Pakistani and speak Phusto.
hi i from turkey
it is a big country but not much
we prepare for eu membership
it is very good opurtunity for us to be member
we are in the middle between europe and asia so we connects them
on the other hand in anatolia there are many culturel values
natural resources it is no need to tell about them......
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India (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
Tamil (Native) & English

Country : Bahrain

Mother Language : Arabic
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name: Thamir

country: Saudi Arabia

langs: Arabic(native), English.

Also learning, Hebrew, french.

thank you guys.
I'm Idan from Israel
I speak Hebrew and English,little bit french and arabic and Italian.

Punisher,hebrew?lilmod et sfat a oyev Emotion: wink

from Egypt

My mother tounge is Arabic, i can speak British English and a little bit German.
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I am from the USA

Louisiana to be exact

I speak Creole French, a bit of Cajun french, French, Spanish, and learning Arabic and Turkish
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