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I live in the US (North Carolina).
I speak 'Murrican Anglish--southern standard and advanced Redneck varieties.
I am interested in low-German, Dutch, and Friesan, but I'll never get a chance to speak them where I live.
You're interested in "Low-German", Nestor? Wow...

But I've to tell you that you won't really have a chance to speak Low-German at all as it is dying out... I posted a wee bit concerning Low-German in another thread already:
Britsish accent - American accent (hope it'll work).

Well, anyway - if you have any questions, about that, maybe I can help you out a bit...

Hope to hear from you...
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I am from Catalonia
New Yorker
From: The United States of America
Live in: New York, United States
Languages: American English, French
I've already said this (I posted to other threads), but here I go again:
I'm Argentinian. I live in Mar del Plata, a beauiful resort about 400 Km south of Buenos Aires. We have wonderful beaches here! I'll post a picture of the city one of these days.
I speak Spanish (it's the official language in my country, for those who don't know) and English. I understand a wee bit of French but I can't either speak it or write it. And I'd love to learn German, it's my second favourite language.
My accent? I won't go there! Emotion: smile

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I am from Catalonia, so I speak català , also spanish well, and a bit english, due I was in the past very interested in learning english,
Hi, nice to meet you. Where is that? I have been looking for your area in the globe but I haven't been able to find it. Are you a guy or a gal? Is it in South America?
From: Poland
Languages: Polish (native), Engish, basic German, basic Russian
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Hi maj,
I don' t know where you are from, but I am sad , it is so difficult to know where Catalonia is? I don' t care whether the U. N. recognise or not Catalonia as a Country, but the fact is that we are really a Country,
You can use www.google.com, the catalan language is in many and many webs , You'll find news about Catalonia very easily
I f you don't make it, I will help you again
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