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Thanks for the info. I might visit your country one day as it sounds interesting.
Hi josep's, I am from Madrid.

Congratulations to Barcelona for being a non-bullfighting city !! I hope the example is spread along the whole Spain and we all follow Canary Islands, where bullfighting is banned and and Barcelona as non-bullfigthing city Emotion: big smile
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Lol. They grow bananas there and they are so tasty!
Thank You Elena, for two reasons, as You are not a supporter of bullfighting and understand my feelings of identity, thank you very much indeed
From: China
Lives in: Australia
Speaks: English, chinese.
I am Chinese but i live in Australia, both countries are nice Emotion: big smile
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I am from Great Republic of India. I stay in Hyderabad (Capital city of Andhra Pradesh)
Our National language is Hindi. I can speak , read and write Hindi.
My Native language is Telugu. Abviously I can SR&W Telugu.
(I am glad there is onemore member who knows telugu, Vandanam Deepa garu Anta kushalama?Emotion: smile )
We all are thought BrE from our childhood so I speak (I should say, I try to speak) the same but I am poor in grammer so may be I am speaking AmE without my knowledgeEmotion: wink

My opinion on AmE is it has given us all liberty to conveince the message instread of thinking much about grammer.
Hello Sur,
I too learnt little sanskrit in my 10+ as part of my course.
One poem I leart and still remember was

Sancharini Deepa Shikeva Raatrouv
Yam yam Yateeya Patim varasa
Narendra margatta iva prapede
Saha Saha bhoomi paalaka

Wrtten by Kaalidaasa the great poet ever lived.

I know its 80% mistake, I want a favour, could you just remind the poem if you can.
i knew all the countries except Catalonia .. Emotion: sad

plz tell me some thing, in Europ or America or where ?

maybe i know it with other name !!

Elena ! save me Emotion: big smile
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iam Egyptian, live in KSA(Saudi Arabia), and i'll travel soon to Egypt for university studying

My language is ARABIC-native-, iam writing poem, stories, and so on in Arabic..

i know alittle English, want to improve it to communicate with others..

hope to learn all languages in the world !

nice to know you : )
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