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Hi Muslimah, how funny your callEmotion: smile

Catalonia t is in Spain

Catalonia is the English word for Catalunya (in Catalan language) or Cataluña (in Castillian language, commonly known as Spanish as it is the language spoken all over Spain and brought to Central and South America except Brazil)

If you wish more info, let me know.
I look Asian but I’m from the US. I speak restaurant Chinese perfectly - no accent - just point at menu. My English is pretty good and I can talk to puppies.
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You got a chuckle out of me there aileen.
Big smile from me - a happy crew at English Forums!
I'm originally from malta, and live there at the moment, however I spent a large part of my life living in Melbourne, Australia. I miss it terribly, but at the moment am enjoying the Maltese summer Emotion: big smile
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*** Elena, i know Madrid, Ashpelia, Tolaitela

i dont know if these names found now or it had changed
Aileen... Can talk to puppies???
puppies from many lands
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Some say why not indeed

Reports from owners notwithstanding, scientists have yet to discover a dog that can talk. But German researchers say they have found one that listens and learns like a human child. In a report being published (June 11, 2004) today in the journal Science, the researchers say a 9-year-old border collie named Rico was able to learn the name of a new object in one try, by a process of elimination. Told to fetch an unfamiliar object with a name he had not heard before, Rico picked out the novel item from a group of familiar ones. Even more important, Rico proved in other tests four weeks later that he remembered what he had learned, said Dr. Julia Fischer, an author of the report who is a senior research fellow in the evolution of communication at the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. She said that Rico was displaying a kind of learning by inference that is called fast mapping.
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