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Hello everyone,
I am Harshita from India
Catalonia is in the iberian peninsula, Catalonia is in Europe, Catalonia don' t want to be in the Spanish State, Catalonia is Catalonia and anything else, Castilla is Castilla, The spanish State, just that, an artificial " country".... just a state ,
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Have ever been there a Catalonian state???

The Valencian region does not want to be part of Països Catalans, as ERC wants
i am from Chennai, a city in India (Southern India). I usually speak Br English. But i also know to read, write and speak Hindi and Tamil
So many from India???
Add my name as well
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hi, i'm from indonesia
speak little bit english-mix :-p
hey i read that some came from korean
guessing : is it difficult to learn korean.
cause i want to learn some, if you so kind (A)
From: The Netherlands
Live in: Fryslân
Languages: BrE, Frysk, Dutch
From USA
Live in Florida (Orlando area)
Languages - English
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Congratulations Pie,
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