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From: Brazil
Live in: Stamford, Connecticut
Languages: native - portuguese, and english, I understand spanish and some french

I'm from Indonesia (Chinese Indonesia)
Language: Indonesia,Mandarin (fluent),English ( mixed accent BrE,AmE,SinglishEmotion: smile )
Nice to meet you all
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From: Brazil;
Live in: São Paulo, Brazil;
Languages: portuguese and english (a little).
Wow, it's good to see that more and more people from Indonesia are joining the forums. Welcome Ryuyuki and Athelas D'orion, and also to all of you who have just joined the forums. Greetings from warm and sunny Indonesia. (h)
nice to know you too orpheus Emotion: big smile [F]
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I'm from Italy, city of Milan to be precise.
I am rahul_mcsd from Central India. Like the other fellow Indians in the site, my style of spelling is BrE, but being a technical writer for a US based organisation (organization for you pommies), I have learnt the AmE style of spelling. I can fluently speak and read english as well. My accent is not inherited, it is purely Indian.

My mother tongue is Hindi. I studied Sanskrit till my high school and can read it easily, though am unable to converse in it.
Hi to you all
From: england
languages:english and finnish
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Hello to all, I'm Wespe from China.

Original hometown: Guangzhou (Canton), southern China

Living in : Malta, but soon will return to my home.

Language-acquisition: Cantonese & Mandarin

Language-learning: English->German->French->Japanese. (Slightly on progress)
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