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Hi!I am Tracy
I come from Fujian ,China
Living in: Xiamen
I am a majorer.
Hey I´m Jana and I come from Slovakia (central Europe), but I live in Prag - Czech Republic in the moment. If you would like to take a contact with me, I would be glad to hear something from you.
peace JEmotion: smile
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i'm from shanghai,china. we speak english ,both bre and ame, you can use any one as you like. i speak bre more than ame.
Hi jennyji, I found this website, because I wanted to "speak" - write with someone who speaks english, because my english is not very well. What do you do in your country and what´s your interests?
Bye Jana
hiho everyoneEmotion: smile

I checked this topic and I think there's nobody from Turkey?
I am from Belgium but my native language is Turkish (y)
I am a English-lover but i am afraid I can't speak it that good Emotion: tongue tied
Can someone help me learning it better? Msn could be a good mediumEmotion: wink

thx in advance ...

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From: Germany

Livin' In: UK

Languages: German (native), English

Accents: German:Saxonian(Saxony), English:Liverpudlian(Liverpool)
hello, flowered. i am a student in the university, and we almost spent most of our time on the campus, because we live in the dorm on campus. we have almost 11 classes a whole week, and i am a major in english, i also learned German as my second language, but it is so difficult to learn, much more difficult than english. oh, my god!
i have a lot of interests, such as watching movies, listening to the pop songs and reading books, and i also like to log on the internet. what about u ?
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Hi Jennyji,
I´m happy, that you answered to my message. My english is very horrible, therefore I would like to "talk" - write with you per Mail in english. My Grandfather was German, therefore german language is not a problem for me. If you want, you can write also in german to train itEmotion: smile) I live in Prag in an apartment, and I work in a multinational company as an accountant, I also study on a distance on Economic University - foreign trade, it´s very interesting for me. My interests are also listening to music,my favourite groups are U2, Coldplay, Crannberries, Oasis etc. almost an irish, I also read a lot of books, I like sport and meet my friends a talk with them etc. You can write direct to my mail address:Email Removed.
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