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i am a student majoring in english, but i just learned little things , i think. but hope u won't be disappointed by me. i will mail u. hope we can help each other !
Don´t be afraid, I won´t be disappointedEmotion: smileI look forward to your mail, of course we can help each other.
Have a nice day
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from China

hometown Emotion: tongue tiedhenzhen(Guangdong province in south of china)
living in:Tsingtao(north of china)

language:chinese(mandarin). cantonese. english.Kejia(a dialect in south of china)
to flowered:
i have mailed u, but u never give me any reply, why ? i'm looking forward to ur mail!
Hi Jennyji,
I have sent you my answer last week, I don´t know how can it happen, that it comes not to you:-((Can you give me please your mail address ones more time? thank U. It can be, that it´s probably a problem with the mail address or something,but I don´t know, please let me know, and when it don´t be ok, we can communicate on this forum, or with another mail-address. I look forward to your mailEmotion: smile)
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to flowered:
i still haven't received your mail, i don't know what happened. these days i have been busy with my mid term exam, so after this week, i'll try to write u again, maybe u can also try to write to me use the address that l mailed u last time. ok? thank u!
Many from Turkey. Keep checking Saturn.
hi, i am from hannover, germany. where the expo 2000 took place. i speak german, english( i hope quite well), some french, and a little bit japanese. i have been to australia, melbourne, 4 years ago, with my family for about 1 year.
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hi Josep! I'm from Catalonia too. I live in Mataró (Barcelona)
I speak British English, Catalan, Spanish, and some German and French too.
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