As I was reading posts about different opinions regarding British and American accents, I wanted to know where all the members of this forum live and which English they speak.

Please state your username, country, and language (whether BrE, AmE, or your native language, etc).

Thank you.
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From: New Zealand
Live in: Santiago, Chile
Languages: English (and Spanish)

Originally I had a kiwi (New Zealand) accent but now people tell me my accent is from anywhere other than there. I use BrE more when writing outside of class, but when I'm teaching, I use both.
From: Poland
Live in: Tuchola,Poland
Languages: native - Polish, English (British one), German
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Livin: Malta

Barley just for you: - Top geographic regions
I'm from Spain. I'm living in Spain, so I speak Spanish.
I'm studing British English (upper-intermediate)
From: Russia
In: South Korea
Languages: Russian - native, Korean (I hope it's good), English (not good enough that I want to have)
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i am from india and i use both american and british english, but basically i can read, write and speak Hindi, Gujrati and Marathi. and can read Sanskrit also.
malaysia..and I speak Broken english with a little british and american accents.
hi this is Deepa from India.
my mothertongue is Telugu.
but i speak, read and write BrE.
generally in India BrE is common.
(but learning the differences from AmE from my brother who is in MI, USA)
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