History teach us that each empire always finish crashing down and just come up other empire to sustitute the older one, so which country will be the next? when? how?
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China! When? Soon! How? Trade!
It's clear that China will take that place; they are building the economic empire now, and later on will fuel the military with it.

Just take into account that the crashing down of an empire doesn't happen overnight. It is a gradual process that can take centuries to be self-evident. The fall of the USA as the modern empire will certainly not happen during our lifetime.
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Can empires really be defined by national borders these days? Are they not more ideologial, or even economic?
Just China by itself? do you think that there will be a kind of Asiatic union? will Russia try to join? What will happen with the "universal language" until now English? Everybody will have to learn Chinese?
Probably China by itself. Obviously Japan wants nothing better than China crashing. Russia's too far gone to even try to compete...most of the South Asian companies are too busy trying to recover from the tsunami (do they give tsunami names?) South Korea...maybe. North Korea...self-explanatory. Ha.

I don't think Europe can do much. China is obviously the rising star of this millinium, although I can't fathom the US ever falling...probably could happen if Bush gets reelected through 3003, but thank god for the whatever Amendment.
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The stimulus for China's growth is foreign capital.
So, if the life blood that flows through China's veins is not Chinese, then who do you think is really building China, and reaping the rewards? It is the international financiers, and they cannot be identified by geographic boundaries.
As soon as China entered the WTO, she ceased to be an independant economic entity. She is now owned by the bankers. She is just another factory.
India will be superpower
Oh My God!

What a question!!!!!

I assume crash of USA will bring on couples of dark ages in the aftermath history.
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