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"I even got her to continue to face mostly front and swing her leg first one way and then the other."

I can do that this morning by staring at her raised knee Emotion: big smile
Amazing! I see her turning clockwise or counter-clockwise, so I am left brain dominant or right brain dominant? Oh, I could stare this lady for a while and change her direction. I admire the guy who created this interesting animation. Emotion: big smile
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i think everyone seee her turning clockwise Emotion: smile
Sorry, but women turns only counterclockwise. We can see her shadow, so light is somewhere behind the women and higher then her feet. The lifted leg's shadow is correct only when women turns counterclockwise.

Kind regards,

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English question:

Can you explain me widely used acronym HTH. This is “Hope this helps”, but I’m not sure exact meaning. How I understand “Hope this help” mean “You hope this helps” but this is not very nice – I do understand this as little cynical. Maybe I’m wrong and this is nice, like “I hope this helps”. How you use/understand this acronym?


P.S. Sorry, English is my second language…
Is it widely used? I've not come across it before.

Anyway, when you say 'hope this helps' to someone you mean 'I hope this helps you'. It isn't cynical or unpleasant.

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I think she is moving in a clockwise direction.
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Actually, am I supposed to look at the woman from the top down or the bottom up, as it would make a difference in clock or counterclock?
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