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This is enough for me.

Thank you very much.

Only shadow make (important) difference.

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Wow! Very good one, thanks for sharing it!

I saw it turning clockwise, and then made it turn counterclockwise Emotion: big smile Brilliant thing!!
weird, i just saw it turn counterclockwise all the time, no changes, i thought it was very normal and logical...
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how in ..name can you see her turn clockwise? i scroll back, think, sroll again, always counterclockwise!
Yes indeed . No sense at all.. it set in a way tat when u scrol away from the moving figure, & when u return to look at the second time, the figure will move opposit direction...

Not a fact ...
i looked at it again, a couple of days later, guess what?? still counterclockwise!
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Flox, try doing this, look at anything near your monitor, say, your keybord... you can still see the turning woman in the corner of your eyes right? Try to control it buy moving it to the other direction without directly looking at it and you'll see, it will move the other way...
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