Which direction do you think this woman is turning when you first see this pic?



Do you think the woman is turning clockwise?

Or do you think the woman is turning counterclockwise?

If you first think the woman is turning clockwise, it means that you are right brain dominant.

If you first think the woman is turning counterclockwise, it means that you are left brain dominant.

So women usually see this woman turning clockwise, and men vice versa.

If you can change the direction at will, not randomly, you are genius.

But for most of people, the direction changes randomly.

Left Brain
Right Brain
Looks at parts
Looks at wholes
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That's brilliant! I was initially counter-clickwise, but if I looked away and back it would sometimes be clockwise.

After about 5 minutes I got the hang of it and if I stare at her legs I can make her change direction at will - the weird thing is that it is a different leg held in the air depending on the direction. And yet each time it is so clearly and obviously her left/right leg held up. (I don't think I'm a genius though).
Wow, that was really interesting!Emotion: smile

Thanks for sharing it with us!
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That is a GREAT graphics. I got to the point where I could tilt my head one way and she'd turn in one direction and then to the other and she'd go the opposite way. By cocking my head from side to side, I even got her to continue to face mostly front and swing her leg first one way and then the other.

Really amazing!
WHOA!!! I feel stoned!
That doesn't make any sense! I couldn't see it turning counterclockwise, I only saw it turning clockwise, even after stating at it for several minutes. I tried everything but... always clockwise! Then, all of a sudden, it started turning counterclockwise, and I felt stoned! LOL
That lasted a few seconds, then again clockwise... now I'll try again. And then I want to try to understand how it works.

Gosh! It only turns clockwise if I look at it directly, and counterclockwise if I look at something else and see the picture out of the corner of my eye... wow
Okay, this is the third time I try..what's going on?

The first time I saw this, the women was turning counterclockwise and couldn't manage to see it turning clockwise no matter how hard I tried. However, in tcp it was different, it happened just the contrary, and, again here, I still see it turning counterclockwise!

What should I think?Emotion: stick out tongue
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Hey Kooyeen!

We posted at the same time!Emotion: big smile
Kooyeen And then I want to try to understand how it works.
..are you sure of it?Emotion: indifferent If you manage to find out how it works, will you tell us?
Only clockwise.

It's always wise to be cautious of what I say, guys! [6]Since the result says I'm NOT logcial AT ALL!!Emotion: indifferent
Here are some tips.

1) Before you see this pic, imagine this woman turning to the direction which you want her to be and see the pic. Then she will turn to that direction.

2)Scroll down and just see the shadow of her foot. It will help you change her direction.

Note that this woman is not really turning. It's two-dimensional space and her leg is just moving between right and left.
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