According to many sources, statistics indicate that international travel has been increasing recently. Needless to say, travelling has become a frequent activity in our day-to-day life for either leisure or business. However, It could be said that there are multiple factors which could have contributed to it but, in this essay two key factors will be discussed: methods of transport as well as the media.

Firstly, it is well known that the wide variety of means of transport has made a colossal change in the way society carries from one place to another, not only in technology and infrastructure but also prices such as cheap flights. Likewise, some methods of transport are faster than others. For example, if you are considering flying abroad it is more convenient to travel by an airplane rather than a train due to the fact that it is quicker.

Alternatively, the media has also been a factor that caused a massive impact in the travel industry. Not only can people be entertained whilst watching a TV programme or a film but also gain information. Having said that, there are numerous programmes or documentaries in which cultures from different countries are being displayed and advertised. These can persuade the spectator to travel there by compelling them with its history or landscapes.

Taking everything into consideration, I believe that methods of transport have contributed more to international travel rather than the media since it has improved its accessibility and it is no longer considered a luxury.

Can someone please rate my essay and, if possible, give me feedback? Thanks a lot.

It's an essay for CAE.

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