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Yo Lucille, let me just correct your statement;

" I'm not very interested in cinema and I don't understand anything about films, their quality or indeed film-making, but one of my favourites is "Catch me if you can". DiCaprio and Tom Hanks play their characters perfectly. I like the history of Frank Abagnale Jr. and the "age" of the film and the music.

I don't care whether it's a drama film, or a comedy or a romantic one, I only need to like the historical setting and if I like the music too I "fall in love" with the film.

By the way (as we say in England) I also like 'Catch Me if You Can' and it's a bit like you intimate ( to indicate, the other meaning of intimate is to be close to) the plot is based on a true story so that historical dramas or films if based on true stories and followed accurately are usuallly pretty good. One such film that I've seen recently is 'All The President's Men' made in 1976 based on the activities of American President, Nixon and the Watergate affair, you might have heard of it.


I've seen "catch me if you can" too and I just loved it (of course because of the story and also cause I LOVE Leo!! lol)
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It's so hard to say one movie as a favorite; but the first movie that pops into my mind is ''One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest''. Perfect acting, perfect subject...
Favourite movie - Life is beautiful. This movie has showcased a true love between a dad and his son amidst war.
Recently I watched this movie,''One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest''. It is now one of my favourites...

Just to list down my top three ,

1.Shawshank Redemption

2.The Usual Suspects

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There are so many movies I love: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribean and so on and on... Also I like bloody horrors lol like Saw. And recently I've seen two very good movies: 2012 and Avatarand I think I should add them to my list of favourites as well! Emotion: stick out tongue
My favorite serial is "CSI Las Vegas" that shown on CBS (US) and shown in Russian translation on DTV. Why? It's confidential information!
I've seen Avatar and 2012 as well.

When I watched the trailer of Avatar I just thought " Don't waste your time with watching this movie, just go out and hang around with your friends, wachting this movie would be a sheer waste of time".After two weeks all my friends watched the movie and were surprised how great this film is.All characters would have been created amazing and the plot would be breathtaking and fulfilled with huge suspense.
After these comments I went into the cinema with a friend. I just thought wow,watching it 3D is mindblowing.The story absolutely rocks and this film will enter my list of the best films ever.Normally I don't like fantasy movies with unhuman creatures but this movie is cool.

Compared with Avatar most people in my circle liked 2012, but this movie is kinda too unrealistic.There might be some great effects but the story isn't authentic.

Some great movies are "titanic" and all those I don't remeber now.
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Have you ever seen Disney's old cartoon "Pokahontas". When i was watching Avatar i thought: "where have i already seen in?!" Movie's and cartoons storyline is identical! But if you haven't seen cartoon, you'll like movie.
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