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I once saw Pokahontas when I was a little kid, but I didn't associate these two movies. Even if had seen the cartoon I would like Avatar, just because of the effects. Great work !
My favorite movie all the time is Harry Potter. I love the books so is the movie : ) And I love drama's movie too, such as The Lake Side, Twilight Saga, The Blind Side, and so much more : )
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There's nothing to be sorry of Emotion: smile I was just like you till 2 years ago Emotion: embarrassed but a friend of mine, a very good one, helped me to see in a film a part of my life, an experience better said, which would be lived by me in one moment of my life Emotion: smile you know, he's right, but just now I can realise it and I'm very proud of him Emotion: smile Good luck!
I've recently seen "Catch me if you can", it's a real story and I love this film Emotion: smile If you like Tom Hanks you can also watch Philadelpia, a masterpiece in my opinion, for this movie Tom Hanks received an Oscar prize thought... anyway, it's a good actor!
1. Forrest Gump

2. The Green Mile
3. Million Dollar Baby

They r just unparalleled.
Once in a lifetime.
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I just watched "saving private ryan". This film is great. I'm really into historical films. It's about the landing in the normandy ( le Débarquement: that's how it's called in french) during the second world war.
My Favorite movie is War of the Worlds.

http://www.movielist.tv / , http://otavo.tv /
hi sbusbeex7, welcome to EnglishForward [<:o)],

yes, war of the worlds is agreat movie. I had so much fun watching it in the cinema some years ago. I really have to watch it again.
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Matrix (trilogy)
Lord of the ring (trilogy)
Terminator 2,3,4 
The beginning (2010)
 Mission impossible 1,2,3
 case №39
the millionare from slum
final destination 2

and there are many other films that I liked them.  But I cant recall their names now 
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