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I like maaany movies, but my favourites are:
Inglourious Basterdbecause of this different look at war, even if it's not consistent with the history. And because of Landa Emotion: wink
Back To The Future because of traveling in time^^ Movies from childhood that made me think of Time, Past and Future.

Shutter Island because of the story, this whole mystery that I still can't figure out.

Pride And Prejudice because of world where the story goes in.

and since last week- Inception- because of...everything. Story, effects...Best movie of the year.
Shutter Island is really mystical Emotion: big smile
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Alex-93Shutter Island is really mystical Emotion: big smile
I totally agree with you. This movie shows how much talented is Martin Scorsese. In spite of the fact that his previous movie wasn't successful, this one is really good.
If I told nothing about Leonardo Dicaprio here I wouldn't be okay, so I've to admit He's fantastic. Nowadays, people almost forget about his role in Titanic.
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The end was really unpredictable and disturbing likewise. I think there are two possible versions of the end. But I've actually never seen such an end. Dicabrio plays his role fantastic. The story of his wife, who drowned their kids in the water is well incorporated.
At first I was sure that the institution is corrupt and dicaprio and his agent are doing a good job. But until the end I was convinced more and more... that he's a person who needs help.
[a little spoiler]

I'm still not sure about the end. I have to watch SI once again, pay attention to all details and try to figure it out. I have to admit, I believe (or I want to believe Emotion: wink that Teddy (DiCaprio) wasn't crazy. I think that he also didn't think he was crazy. But like I said, I'm not sure. I'll watch it again and then I'll make my own interpretation ^^
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I'll wait for your interpretation. I think I'll have to watch it again too and study it precisely.
I love watching movies, I like lots as long as the movie has meaning and we could learn something great from the movie.that's it Emotion: smile
Mine is house of sand and fog.A little bit because it's about Iranians(How patriot i am!) and also the way they showed our culture and at last It was intresting for me when I saw Ben Kingley speaking Persian!
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My favorite movie is AVATAR. I think it represents a new era in cinematography. Why?

Because it's a 3D movie, the story is fascinating and merge action, romance, science fiction, big questions of humanity ....

I was very surprised when I saw this movie.
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