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You can see the movie online: http://movies34.com/films/12642/Salt.html

Enjoy and after that tell us your opinion.

Emotion: talkative
Superbad because you can't stop laughing! MCLOVIN!
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Braveheart - I love history and battles. What is more - there's my favourite actor
"Inception" (2010) is one of my favorites films I have ever seen. This film leaves the audience feeling inspired to do the same.....I don't like DiCaprio, but in "Inception" he is so cool Emotion: smile
I would like to watch Inception.
My favorite movies is "The Nineth Gate", "Secret Window"(Based on Stephen King book), "The Century Storm", "Elite Squad"...

I think that is better ask "which are your favorite movies?". I can't say one.
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I'll watch inception soon Emotion: smile
'Inception' is great Emotion: big smile The best movie of this year for me.
My favourite movies are 'the Fountain', 'Forrest Gump' and 'the Green Mile', they always make me cry =)
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Life is beautiful. See it if you get time. Emotion: smile
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