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Has anyone seen Due Date so far ?

Unbelievable funny , I really recommend it Emotion: big smile
Forrest Gump for sure!! Emotion: smile
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My favorite movies are "The Three Colors Trilogy" directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski and among them, I like "White" the best.
I think in this Trigology, the form which is used in filmmaking, from mise en scene to location, contribute exactly to the emotions the filmmakers want to convey. I really enjoy watching them and feeling all the intense struggles that the characters have to go through.
The music of the trilogy is very impressive indeed.
I can never forget this quote:
Karol Karol: [to the man who wanted help committing suicide] That was a blank. The next one's real. Are you sure?
My favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan because it made me cry when i watched it first time.
PassatttMy favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan because it made me cry when i watched it first time.
Indeed, a great movie !
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I am sceptical about movies nowadays. Movies are getting so predictable at the end,it just gets boring to watch. I like when there is a nice plot in the film . Must say that "Inception" and "Shutter island" are one of the best movies ive seen so far with a great storyline. My favourite movies for now.Emotion: movie
Lately i was thinking to go and see "Black Swan" and finnaly i decided.

I'm impressed by this film. Natalie Portman played incredible.

I really recommend this film persons who like this kind of movies.

My favorite one is The Algerian movie "Outside the Law" by Rachid Boucherb nominated for the Oscar 2011 .It was also nominated for many other prestigious festivals.

Outside the Law was not written as a direct sequel to Rachid Bouchareb's 2006 film Days of Glory, about Africans who fought for France in World War II, but shares many of the main actors, and starts at the place in history where the previous film ended. Bouchareb said: "you can't help but associate them, because it's the same soldiers who fought for France against Germany, a lot of them were the same soldiers that later went on to fight France. So historically speaking, the same group of people had a lot going on early in their lives. When I was interviewing people for Days of Glory a lot of the people I was talking to were also telling me what happened after, which is how I came to write the other movie." Bouchareb researched the subject for nine months by making interviews and it took two years to finish the screenplay.

The film premiered on 21 May in competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.] French distribution was handled by StudioCanal and the premiere took place on 22 September 2010. It was released in Algeria on 6 October the same year.In the United states the film was distributed through Cohen Media Group, which released it in New York on 3 November, Los Angeles on 10 November and in a limited run throughout the country on 26 November.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outside_the Law(2010_film)

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I just watched the "Black Swan", Eary.
Yeah, Portman was amazing. So is the way Nina's character changed radically in my mind. I mean, at first, she was not a likable character for me. She was so weak and burst into tears all the time. But at the end of the movie, we see how she dedicates her life for her art.
It was a beautiful movie. Not my favorite. But it was beautiful.
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